xtractis products & services

The xtractis AI brings you all functions to efficiently carry out your predictive modeling projects: discovery and maintenance of your models and their use in production, without programming nor framework.

You are attended by INTELLITECH at all stages of your project, from the preparation of data to the deployment of your predictive decision-making systems and their certification.

A unique AI technology in a fully automated solution

Key features of xtractis


GENERATE robots automatically discovers predictive models that are robust and explainable, from multidimensional datasets, through a collective and evolutionary machine learning.

Fully automated solution: no programming, nor framework. Software interface controlled by mouse click.

Because of the intensive assessment of robustness and the continuous improvement of learning strategies, it takes a few days to a few weeks before converging to the most robust models. However, the more computing energy is available, the more this generation time is reduced.



PREDICT uses the xtractis models to deduce predicted responses of the process in real time, for a new real or simulated input situation.
Inference engine delivers prediction instantaneously.



OPTIMIZE uses the xtractis models to discover the optimal solutions that satisfy your multi-objective request.
A few tens of seconds are enough to find solutions in multi-dimensional space.



MONITOR continuously monitors the performance of the deployed models, builds the new learning datasets and requires from GENERATE to regenerate the expired models.

High level services

to support you in your AI digital transformation
icone formation xtractis


Personalized training on predictive data mining techniques, on the xtractis Augmented Fuzzy AI approach, and on the deployment of xtractis models in your business processes.

icone coaching xtractis


The objective of the coaching sessions is to verify that your modeling problems are posed correctly, to analyze with you your data and the results obtained...

icone certification xtractis


In certain cases, INTELLITECH can assist you in auditing your predictive systems with the regulator or the certifying authority.

icone ppilote xtractis


Minimum service to test xtractis on your data. We mobilize our resources to present to you in less than 3 months the maximum performance obtained on a selected issue.

icone benchmark xtractis


Full benchmarking against other statistical techniques and Open Source AI: PLS, Logistic Regression, Polynomial Regression, CART Decision Tree, Random Forest, Boosted Trees, KSVM, Deep Learning / Neural Networks...

The xtractis solutions are dedicated to all business sectors
to design and deploy explainable predictive systems for complex and strategic processes