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25+ years of R&D in Artificial Intelligence & KDD (Knowledge Discovery from Data)​

INTELLITECH is a private French Deep-Tech company founded in 1998 by Prof. Zyed ZALILA.

We first specialized in designing intelligent decision-making systems by hand (fuzzy expert systems), particularly for Advanced Driving Assistance Systems.

But what if an Artificial Intelligence could help us design decision systems quicker and even do the job better than we do?

INTELLITECH’s researchers and engineers have developed advanced mathematical approaches and conceived proprietary AI algorithms combining the theory of Fuzzy Relations of order N [Zalila 1993] and Inductive Machine Learning to offer a unique no-code AI solution.

Intelligent decision systems are now automatically designed by the XTRACTIS AI robots.
They are quickly produced and much more highly predictive because robots do not have cognitive limitations as we humans do! Nevertheless, humans still can understand how XTRACTIS-induced systems make their decisions as, at INTELLITECH, we believe in AI’s power but also that AI should give power -and empower- humans without overwhelming them.

This innovative solution is efficient for complex real-world problems and easy to use by the domain expert. It is a trustworthy and human-centric AI that brings huge value to the automation of decisions in any critical and strategic process like autonomous systems.

INTELLITECH meets the scientific and technological challenge of the Automatic Discovery of Robust, Intelligible, and Explainable Predictive Knowledge.

DeepTech since 1998


Actually, the INTELLITECH team’s first achievement was back in 1990 when the first autonomous-type vehicle was designed by Zyed within a RENAULT-UTC research partnership. The car then has driven over 300 km on open roads with an entire trunk filled with computing power (Intel 80188 16 bit-CPU with some Kb of RAM) equivalent to that of our current smartphones ! 

In 2001, the xpark! system was the first worldwide automatic parking system proudly invented and developed by Zyed and his private R&D team INTELLITECH. This system automatically and perfectly parks a vehicle in a dynamic environment. It reproduces the parking strategy of an expert driver, especially in very constrained situations: small spaces, narrow streets, erroneous perception or change of the environment, any types of obstacles… 

Tested in more than 45,000 real situations in Europe, our xpark! prototype was presented as a world premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2005, and was the first vehicle to offer such a high level of assistance for parallel parking.

These driver assistance systems are fuzzy “hand-built” expert systems. Because they are built with Fuzzy Mathematics, they can adapt to the imprecision and uncertainty of the perceived environment, just as a human driver would do, and to the user’s subjectivity. However their design requires long trial and error cycles before being fully operational. So we imagined: instead of proceeding through these trial and error cycles, could an AI replicate our human inductive reasoning to generate more optimal fuzzy decision systems automatically?

Starting again in 2002 to take on this challenge, INTELLITECH began to build its XTRACTIS AI and focused all its R&D efforts on developing it. The goal was to design a universal solver that automatically creates intelligent systems with efficiency, whatever the field of application. First, we applied it to a non-critical domain, i.e., sensory engineering in the food and cosmetics industries. Data were small enough to be processed by the hardware of that time, and it was quite simple to assess the results. For each application, we were thrilled to see how our AI reveals the human brain’s unconscious decision strategy when doing a product’s sensory assessment. Then, as we are polymath scientists, we were interested in all kinds of applications!

We took time to fine-tune the underlying mathematical solutions and perfect and generalize our algorithms to solve more complex problems in critical modeling issues. Like any breakthrough innovation based on new mathematical concepts, XTRACTIS has made its way for a few years by taking advantage of the latest high-performance computing hardware technologies to become a reference Trusted AI solution.


2005 Prize of the Economic Press of Picardie​

in the category "Innovative Company of the year" rewarding its efforts of innovation of very high level.

2006 Researcher of the Year Award

as part of the French New Economist's "Men of the Year" awards.

2008 Best Practices Awards

xpark! Best Product Innovation in automotive safety systems.

"Jury's Favorite" Award

as part of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Nord de France 2012.

2011 & 2012 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Nord de France

rewarding the 50 fastest growing independent technology companies in Northern France.

2011 & 2012 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA

rewarding the 500 fastest growing independent technology companies in the Europe / Middle East / Africa region.

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