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general-purpose AI

From data, XTRACTIS automatically discovers models of complex behavior in various domains. This can be human decisions, natural phenomena, or artificial processes, like control of autonomous devices. 

XTRACTIS-induced models are ready-to-use for prediction in real-time and optimization, offline or embedded.

To accomplish this challenge, our technology reproduces human Induction to find relevant knowledge from observations as in experimental science.
It also implements the 2 other modes of reasoning: Deduction and Abduction, to easily put this knowledge into use.


Reliable white-box AI systems

XTRACTIS models are robust: their performance is higher than mainstream AI techs, as benchmarks prove.

Models are also intelligible: humans are able to fully understand the internal decision-making logic of the AI systems.

Experts can validate their models before pushing to end-use, or audit them before submission to certification to comply with AI regulations for high-risk applications.

Our algorithms are based on the mathematical theory of Fuzzy Relations of order N, fuzzy logic being more consistent with real-world data than binary logic without losing human understanding.
Our solution also implements Collective and Evolving Learning algorithms for the highest possible performance.


High-performance All-in-one AI Platform

XTRACTIS comes in a no-code, feature-rich, all-in-one software platform accessible on-premise servers or on a secure private cloud.

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Multiple Predictive Applications

Whether you are a Domain Expert, R&D Engineer, Researcher, Analyst, Marketing Manager, Decision Maker, you develop your own models with mouse clicks.

You quickly get reliable white-box decision systems that are valuable for high-risk predictive applications in Health, Finance, R&D, Autonomous Machines, Defense, Security, Cybersecurity.


defense / cyber / security

Autonomous Systems, Collaborative Devices, Detection of Malicious Activities, Surveillance, Cybersecurity...


Product Design & Ergonomics, Sensory Marketing & Engineering, Smart Industry, Quality Control, Maintenance & Diagnosis, Logistics, Risk Analysis, Environment, Geomatics, Optimization, ADAS, Autonomous Vehicles...


Personalized Medicine (metabolic, epigenetic, physiological & anatomopathological analysis), Monitoring, Virtual Screening, Protein Homology, Toxicity, Drug Discovery, Health Insurance...

Finance / Business

Scoring & Risk Analysis, Econometrics, Malicious Activities, Venture Capital, Behavioral Finance, Wealth Management, Real Estate Finance, Strategy, Marketing & CRM, HR, Legal...

Intelligible decision systems in a few clicks

Induction Engine

Discover your process rules from data and understand how it works, thanks to XTRACTIS GENERATE

Deduction Engine

Make real-time predictions for new input situations using your models with XTRACTIS PREDICT

Abduction Engine

Invert your models to discover optimal solutions in no time with XTRACTIS OPTIMIZE

Supervision Engine

Let XTRACTIS MONITOR supervise the quality of your deployed models to take action if they expire

Prof. Zyed ZALILA

CEO-founder, Intellitech

A human being does not reason in black or white, but with an infinite palette of shades of gray. Human reasoning can not be modeled by a binary logic, but thanks to infinite-valent quantum logic, which we commonly call "fuzzy logic".
Thanks to its Augmented Fuzzy IA, XTRACTIS is positioned as a universal predictive modeller of complex processes.
Like an exo-brain that extends the human cognitive capacities, it allows us to apprehend all the pluridimensionality of the real world, without reduction nor simplification.
In a real world that we perceive with vagueness, uncertainty and subjectivity, using Fuzzy Mathematics allows modeling of complex phenomena and processes in a nuanced and more accurate way.
Paradoxically, XTRACTIS explains the implicit knowledge of a human expert, which, in essence, can not be explained by this expert.

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