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who we are

first steps

Created in 1998 by the founding president Prof. Zyed ZALILA, INTELLITECH is a French Research and Development company. His objective is then to create a company specializing in the design of intelligent systems, developed Fuzzy Mathematics, his research discipline and which he teaches at UTC (Université de Technologie de Compiègne).

Naturally situated in Compiègne, INTELLITECH has grown over the years with a team of R&D engineers all graduates of UTC, laureates in this discipline and strongly involved in the development of the company to achieve the common objective, that to make INTELLITECH a pioneer company in Fuzzy Artificial Intelligence.

our expertise

Driven by the desire to offer innovative and efficient solutions, scientifically based and easy to use, INTELLITECH’s research engineers develop advanced mathematical approaches and design proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms combining Fuzzy theory and Inductive Machine Learning to offer a unique, complete and operational AI solution.

INTELLITECH is thus meeting the strategic challenge of the Automatic Discovery of Robust and Explicable Predictive Knowledge, essential to strengthen the automation of decisions in critical and strategic processes and so-called autonomous systems.

our story

INTELLITECH was initially active in the automotive sector to design intelligent driver assistance systems, and has diversified the field of applications of its solutions over time.

The results of Fuzzy AI research conducted since 1988 by Prof. Zalila found their first applications in the development of several Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), aimed at making driving safe, economical and comfortable. the INTELLITECH team initially distinguished itself in 1990 in the design of the first RENAULT autonomous vehicle operational on open roads.

The xpark! system, the first operational automatic parking system, is the invention-property of INTELLITECH [WO 0174643], the result of eleven years of R&D. This system allows the vehicle to park automatically and perfectly in a changing environment. It reproduces the parking strategy of an expert driver, especially in very constrained situations: small spaces, narrow streets, erroneous perception or change of the environment, any kind of obstacles… Tested in more than 45,000 real situations in Europe, our prototype xpark !, presented as a world premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2005, was the first rolling vehicle to offer such a high level of service.

All of these driver assistance systems are actually fuzzy “hand-built” expert systems, and the use of Fuzzy Mathematics gives them the ability to automatically adapt to user and to environment, just as a human driver would do. But their design requires long trial and error cycles before being fully operational.

But what if, instead of proceeding through these trial and error cycles, we could automatically generate such expert decision systems?

In 2002, INTELLITECH began to develop its xtractis approach, and to concentrate all its R&D efforts in the field of Predictive Modeling for the automatic discovery of Robust and Explicable Decision Systems. The idea was to design a universal solver allowing to automatically carry out the work of designing intelligent systems with efficiency, whatever the field of application, thanks to Augmented Fuzzy AI and the unique concept of Fuzzy Relations order N.

Like any breakthrough innovation based on new mathematical concepts, xtractis has been making its way for a few years by taking advantage of the latest hardware technologies dedicated to high performance computing, to establish itself as a reference solution for a robust, intelligible and explainable AI.

Key dates & distinctions

that made the history of INTELLITECH


Doctoral thesis UTC (University of Technology of Compiègne) in mathematics: “Theory of Fuzzy Relations of order N” by Zyed ZALILA.

Creation of the UTC course: SY10 – Fuzzy Logic: “Concepts and Applications” by Zyed ZALILA.


Invention of ADAS driving assistance systems as part of a UTC-Renault partnership.
Fuzzy diagnosis of driving styles and driving conditions (1997-1998). Fuzzy system for automatic bus docking with voluntary recovery module (1995-1997) - FR 2780696. Fuzzy Lane Keeping System - Supervision and Cross Control of an Autonomous Vehicle (1992-1995). AICC fuzzy system - Longitudinal control in speed / distance of an autonomous vehicle (1990). Self-adaptive fuzzy system for emergency braking assistance - WO 02057123. Fuzzy virtual driver: cognitive modeling of the behavior of a car driver (1997-1999)


Foundation of INTELLITECH in 1998, spin-off of UTC, a 100% private R&D company, for the design of intelligent systems.

Launch of the internal xpark! R&D project, automatic parking system in a parking space. – First xpark! patent – FR 2806998. Development of the xpark! Simulator.


Invention of ADAS driving assistance systems as part of R&D work on behalf of Renault.
Self-adaptive fuzzy intelligent steering system for transverse control and automatic lane change in an autonomous vehicle (1996-2001) - EP 0927677. Fuzzy diagnosis of driver's actions and intentions (1997-2001) - FR 2787081. Auto-adaptive fuzzy system for the supervision of automatic transmissions (1996-2001) - FR 2775749.


Internal R&D project “Maestro”: intelligent multi-zone fuzzy thermal regulator for a habitat, self-adaptive to residents and the environment.

International extensions of xpark! patent – WO0174643. Demos of the xpark! simulator to tiers 1 and 2 automotive manufactureres. ANVAR innovation financement for the xpark! project.


Launch of the internal xtractis R&D project: Robust Predictive Modeling software robot.

Internal R&D project “Follower: autonomous golf caddy.

Extension of xpark! automatic parking on the cob and in battle.


First models of customer liking and of sensory expert from instrumental measurements / formulations.

xtractis for Product Design (cheese, wine).

World premiere of xtractis (USA): 1st winning benchmark (tomatoes use case).


First French presentation of version 1 of the xtractis Modeling Robot.

First applications of xtractis in Sensory Engineering (mobile telephony, food industry).


xtractis for Product Design: more than 900 variables to characterize cat petfood.

Rolling prototype xpark!: the first vehicle having such a benefit / performance. World premiere at IAA 2005 (Frankfurt Motor Show).

 2005 Prize of the Economic Press of Picardie in the category “Innovative Company of the year” rewarding its efforts of innovation of very high level


R&D projects of application of xtractis in Finance, Product Design and Quality Control.
Extension of xpark! for automated exit from a parking slot. Presentations and demonstrations of xpark! to manufacturers and tier 1 manufacturers.
xtractis for:
Finance (chance of survival of start-ups) / for Product Design (cosmetics, optical glass) / Quality Control (food packaging, defects on petroleum tube by image analysis) / for Product Design (automotive thermal comfort).

2006 Researcher of the Year Award as part of the French New Economist’s “Men of the Year” awards


xtractis for Product Design (playability of a video game).

xtractis for Gesture Recognition (exploration strategy for blind people).

Presentations and demonstrations of xpark! to manufacturers and tier 1 manufacturers.


R&D projects of application of xtractis for the Environment, Product Design, Quality Control, Evaluation and Security.
xtractis for Quality Control (food raw materials). - xtractis for Product Design (sports equipment and sports nutrition). - xtractis for Product Design (hygiene). - xtractis for Safety (detection of cracks in the composite structure of a high-speed vehicle). - xtractis for the Assessment (prediction of the minimum learning time to master a task). - xtractis for the Environment (prediction of the ozone level in the air depending on the weather).

2008 Frost & Sullivan Awards: xpark! Best Product Innovation in automotive safety systems.


R&D projects : xtractis applyed to Optimizing Resources Implementation, Environment, Product Design, Robotics and Security.
xtractis for Security (analysis of satellite images). - xtractis for Security (sonar identification of underwater mines). - xtractis for Security (vehicle detection by image analysis). - xtractis Deploy for the Optimization of Resource Implementation (military, hospital, commercial, industrial, police). - xtractis for the Environment (assessment of the quality of the ionosphere). - xtractis for Robotics (identification of the causes of failure of a robot control). - xtractis for Product Design (customer liking and expert sensory evaluation of industrial cakes).


R&D projects: xtractis applyed to Predictive Medicine, Optimization of Formulations, Finance, Product Design, Quality Control, Robotics and Security.
xtractis for Security (prediction of crimes). - xtractis for the Optimization of Formulations (efficiency, toxicity in Cosmetics). - xtractis for Quality Control (flexible underwater tubes). - xtractis for Finance (fair price for a real estate transaction). - xtractis for Security (tax fraud and money laundering in real estate). - xtractis for Product Design (industrial confectionery). - xtractis for Personalized Medicine (evolution of Parkinson's disease by voice analysis). - xtractis for Personalized Medicine (diagnosis of breast cancer by image analysis).


R&D projects : xtractis applyed to Optimization of Formulations, Security, Finance, Predictive Maintenance, Human Resources, Biology, Marketing and Product Design.
- xtractis for Optimization of Formulations (efficiency, toxicity in Agrochemistry). - xtractis for Security (intrusion on sensitive computer network). - xtractis for Finance (risk analysis, granting of credit). - xtractis for Predictive Maintenance (energy networks). - xtractis for Human Resources (hiring of Wikipedia contributors). - xtractis for Biology (protein homology). - xtractis for Marketing (appetite for automotive products). - xtractis for Product Design (optimization of the characteristics of automotive products).

“Jury’s Favorite” Award as part of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Nord de France 2012


R&D projects: xtractis applyed to Optimization of Formulations, Quality Control, Marketing, Personalized Metabolic and Epigenetic Medicine, Environment, Sociology of Health and Seismic Analysis.
- xtractis for Optimization of Formulations (efficiency, toxicity in Pharmacy).- xtractis for Quality Control (metallurgy).- xtractis for Marketing (effectiveness of commercial promotions, sales forecasting). - xtractis for Personalized Metabolic Medicine (early diagnosis of cardiovascular dysfunctions of astronauts on long-term missions).- xtractis for Personalized Epigenetic Medicine (early diagnosis of colon cancer).- xtractis for the Environment (biodegradability of molecules).- xtractis for the Sociology of Health (installation in general medicine after internships).- xtractis for Seismic Analysis (oil / gas detection).

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Nord de France 2011 and 2012 awards, rewarding the 50 fastest growing independent technology companies in Haute-Normandie, Picardie and Nord-Pas de Calais.

Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2011 and 2012, rewarding the 500 fastest growing independent technology companies in the Europe / Middle East / Africa region.


R&D projects: xtractis applied to Quality Control, Product Design, Finance and Marketing.
- xtractis for Quality Control (aerospace).- xtractis for Product Design (aerospace).- xtractis for Personalized Metabolic Medicine (diagnosis of ovarian cancer by spectral analysis).- xtractis for Quality Control (critical software).- xtractis for Finance (risk analysis, business bankruptcy).- xtractis for Marketing (banking product).


R&D projects: xtractis applied to Predictive Maintenance, Product Design, CRM and Predictive Medicine.
- xtractis for Predictive Maintenance (naval). - xtractis for Product Design (robust design in automotive). - xtractis for CRM (attrition / churning for banking and telecoms). - xtractis for Personalized Epigenetic Medicine (early diagnosis of prostate cancer).


R&D projects: xtractis applied to the design of ADAS, Predictive Maintenance, Security and Finance.
xtractis for ADAS (emergency braking assistance): design 12 times faster than the Fuzzy IA approach used in 1999 and much more reliable decision system! - xtractis for Predictive Maintenance (aerospace). - xtractis for Security (detection of fraud during online purchases). - xtractis for Finance (risk analysis, solvency, default of repayment).


R&D projects: xtractis applied to nuclear safety, defense, image recognition, for finance ...
- xtractis for nuclear safety: assessment of the quality of batches of products during the recycling process.- xtractis for defense: tracking of vehicles on satellite images through a multiclassifier- xtractis for animal recognition (images) thanks to a multiclassifier- xtractis to predict credit default through an explainable scoring model ...

to be continued…


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