INTELLITECH is primarily an R&D company. We are driven by the desire to offer innovative and efficient solutions, scientifically proven, easy to use, that we put to the test by confronting them with real-world problems.

Since our foundation in 1998, we have been developing advanced mathematical approaches and unique Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms addressing, in particular, the strategic challenges of Big Data.

To us, the Volume of data is not the real issue behind Big Data,
but rather the Knowledge Discovery and Robust Predictive Modeling
from the Variety of data (multidimensionality).

Our technology is based on Fuzzy Theory. Thanks to its mathematical properties, it is ideal for building deterministic non-linear models composed of gradual interpretable rules. It can handle any kind of process, especially processes involving human decisions.

Coupled with Machine Learning, Fuzzy Mathematics is perfect for automatically discovering these models, based only on data gathered from the process, whatever its level of complexity.

That is why we talk in terms of Augmented Fuzzy Artificial Intelligence.

By stressing our models, systematically and intensively, through a whole battery of robustness tests, we combine the most reliable of them to create a Co-operative Artificial Intelligence.

All that remains is to use this Panel of Virtual Experts as a way to predict and optimize the process.

That is why we are promoting Robust Predictive Modeling.

Co-operative Augmented Fuzzy Artificial Intelligence
is the hallmark of our xtractis® solutions.


Professor Zyed ZALILA is the President CEO-Founder and R&D Director of INTELLITECH. As Engineering Graduate (holding a Diplôme d’Ingénieur (M.Sc.) in Artificial Intelligence and Applied Mathematics) from Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC), he began his research on Fuzzy Theory in 1989, under the co-supervision of Professor Arnold Kaufmann, one of the forerunners of Fuzzy Logic. With a Ph.D. from UTC in fuzzy mathematics, Prof. Zalila has been teaching fuzzy theory and its applications since 1993.

In 1998, he founded INTELLITECH, a UTC spin-off, with the intention of founding a company specializing in the design of intelligent systems and decision software, which incorporate the latest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence. From the outset and in step with the project advance, he has built a high-level UTC-graduates team of research engineers, specializing in Fuzzy Theory and Machine Learning.

Our intelligent systems are capable of making the best
decisions in total autonomy in an unknown and
dynamically changing environment.

The INTELLITECH team first distinguished itself in the field of the Autonomous Vehicle back in 1990, working in partnership with the car manufacturer RENAULT. The results of Prof. Zalila’s research in Fuzzy AI since 1989 was applied to the development of many Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), following the concept of “Full Automatic Lounge on Wheels” that he had proposed for a safer driving.

The xpark!® system is the first operational system of its kind, invented and worldwide patented by INTELLITECH [WO 0174643], the result of 11 years of exclusively internal R&D. This system simulates the expertise of a skilled driver mastering parallel and perpendicular parking maneuvres in any constrained situation to automatically and perfectly park the vehicle: tight spots, narrow streets, surrounding changes, poor perception of surroundings, whatever lateral / front / back obstacles…

xpark!® videos

Tested in more than 45,000 real situations in Europe, our xpark!®,
prototype presented as a world premiere at the Frankfurt IAA 2005,
was the first actual vehicle to offer such high performance.


Our ADAS are in fact expert systems in car driving, “hand-built” by INTELLITECH’s R&D engineers. Thanks to fuzzy mathematics, these systems are intelligent because they are adaptive to the user and to the environment, bahaving just like a human driver would.

But what if, instead of conducting long cycles of “trial and error” to build them, we could automatically generate such decision expert systems?

That is how INTELLITECH began developing its xtractis® approach in 2002, and has since then focused its R&D work in the field of Robust Predictive Modeling.

We are constantly improving our approach
and we regularly establish benchmarks
to confirm the efficiency of our solution.

Our software robot xtractis® has won several national and international benchmarks competing against open source Big Data techniques: Polynomial Regression, Logistic Regression, PLS-Partial Least Squares, SVM-Support Vector Machines, CART Decision Trees, Random Forests, Boosted Trees, Bayesian Networks, Deep Learning (Neural Networks).

xtractis® is already helping many big international companies to discover and design new products quickly, to predict customer behaviors (CRM), to evaluate assets and processes based on objective and subjective criteria, and to analyze risks (diagnosis, monitoring, scoring) …

xtractis® has been or is successfully used in various business fields: food, pet-food, cosmetics, sports & leisure, hygiene products, optics, health care, biotech, real estate, behavioral finance, energy, internet, sciences, automotive, aeronautics, space, quality control, maintenance, human resources, detection of malicious behaviors, CRM (liking, churning), sensory marketing, behavioral marketing…

Thanks to its Augmented Fuzzy AI, xtractis® stands for
a Universal Predictive Modeler of complex processes.
We see it as an Exo-Brain or as a Cognitive Orthosis.

Key dates & success stories


- xtractis for ADAS (emergency braking assistance): design 12 times faster than the AI Fuzzy approach used in 1999, much more reliable decision system!
- xtractis for Predictive Maintenance (aerospace).
- xtractis for Security (detection of shopping online fraud).
- xtractis for Finance (risk analysis, solvency, loan default).
- xtractis for Predictive Maintenance (shipbuilding).
- xtractis for Product Design (robust design in automotive industry).
- xtractis for CRM (churning for banks and Telecoms).
- xtractis for Epigenetic Personalized Medicine (early diagnosis of prostate cancer).
- xtractis for Quality Control (aerospace).
- xtractis for Product Design (aerospace).
- xtractis for Metabolic Personalized Medicine (diagnosis of ovarian cancer by spectral analysis).
- xtractis for Quality Control (critical software).
- xtractis for Finance (risk analysis, bankruptcy).
- xtractis pour le Marketing (banking product).
- xtractis for Metabolic Personalized Medicine (early diagnosis of astronauts’ cardiovascular dysfunctions during long spatial missions).
- xtractis for Epigenetic Personalized Medicine (early diagnosis of colon cancer).
- xtractis for Environment (biodegradability of molecules).
- xtractis for the Sociology of Health (setting up as general practitioner after internships).
- xtractis for Seismic Analysis (oil/gas detection).
- xtractis for Optimization of Formulations (efficiency and toxicity in Pharmacy).
- xtractis for Quality Control (metallurgy).
- xtractis for Marketing (efficiency of special offers, sales forecast).
- xtractis for Optimization of Formulations (efficiency and toxicity in Agrochemicals).
- xtractis for Security (network intrusion).
- xtractis for Finance (risk analysis, credit approval).
- xtractis for Predictive Maintenance (energy grids).
- xtractis for Human Resources (hiring of Wikipedia contributors).
- xtractis for Biology (protein homology).
- xtractis for Marketing (liking of automotive products).
- xtractis for Product Design (optimization of automotive products features).
- xtractis for Security (forecast of the number of crimes committed in a city).
- xtractis for Optimization of Formulations (efficiency and toxicity in Cosmetics).
- xtractis for Quality Control (flexible submarine tubes).
- xtractis for Finance (right price of a real estate transaction).
- xtractis for Security (tax fraud and money laundering in real estate).
- xtractis for Product Design (confectionery industry).
- xtractis for Personalized Medicine (evolution of Parkinson’s disease by voice analysis).
- xtractis for Personalized Medicine (breast cancer diagnosis by image analysis).
- xtractis for Security (analysis of satellite images).
- xtractis for Security (sonar identification of underwater mines).
- xtractis for Security (detection of vehicles by image analysis).
- xtractis Deploy for the Optimization of of Resources Set-up (military, hospital, commercial, industrial, police).
- xtractis for Environment (evaluation of the ionosphere quality).
- xtractis for Robotics (identification of the failure causes of the control of a robot).
- xtractis for Product Design (customer liking and expert sensory assessment of industrial cakes).
- xtractis for Quality Control (food commodities).
- xtractis for Product Design (sports goods and nutrition).
- xtractis for Product Design (hygiene).
- xtractis for for Safety (detection of cracks in the composite structure of a high speed vehicle).
- xtractis for Evaluation (prediction of minimal learning time to master a task).
- xtractis for Environment (prediction of the ozone levels in the air depending on the weather).
- xtractis for Product Design (playability of a videogame).
- xtractis for Gesture Recognition (exploration strategy of blind people).
- Presentations and demonstrations of xpark! to carmakers and tier 1 and 2 suppliers.
- xtractis for Finance (chance of survival of start-ups).
- xtractis for Product Design (cosmetics, optical glass).
- xtractis for Quality Control (food packaging).
- xtractis for Quality Control (oil tube defects by image analysis).
- xtractis for Product Design (automotive thermal comfort).
- Presentations and demonstrations of xpark! to carmakers and tier 1 and 2 suppliers.
- xpark! prototype presented in world premiere at the Frankfurt IAA 2005: the first real vehicle offering such a performance.
- xtractis for Product Design: more than 900 variables to characterize the petfood for cats.
- First xtractis models of customer liking and sensory expert from instrumental measurements / formulations.
- xtractis for Product Design (cheese, wine).
- First presentation of xtractis at an international conference (USA) : winning of the 1st benchmark (tomatoes).
- First presentation in France of the xtractis Modeler Robot.
- First applications of xtractis in Sensory Engineering (telephony, agribusiness).
- Launch of the xtractis internal R&D project: Software Robot for Robust Predictive Modeling.
- "Follower" internal R&D project: autonomous golf caddy.
- xpark! extended to diagonal/perpendicular parking.
- "Maestro" internal R&D project: fuzzy intelligent multi-area controller of a house/building, adaptive to the people and the environment.
- xpark! patent worldwide extension – WO 0174643.
- Presentation of the xpark! simulator to automotive suppliers.
- ANVAR (French Agency) innovation financial aid for the xpark! project.
- Adaptive Fuzzy System for automatic transversal lane control and lane change of an autonomous vehicle (1996-2001) – EP 0927677.
- Fuzzy diagnosis of driver actions and intentions (1997-2001) – FR 2787081.
- Adaptive Fuzzy System for monitoring of automatic gearboxes (1996-2001) – FR 2775749.
- First xpark! patent – FR 2806998. Development of the xpark! simulator.
- First employee. Launch of the xpark! internal R&D project, automatic parallel parking system.
- Adaptive Fuzzy System for Emergency Braking Assistance – WO 02057123.
- Fuzzy Virtual Driver: cognitive modeling of driver behavior (1997-1999).
- Establishment of INTELLITECH, as a spin-off of UTC.
- Research services in the ADAS field.
- Fuzzy diagnosis of driving styles and road conditions (1997-1998).
- Fuzzy system for automatic bus docking, including a module for the detection of deliberate takeover (1995-1997) – FR 2780696.
- Fuzzy system for Transversal monitoring / Lane Keeping of an autonomous vehicle (1992-1995).
- Adaptive Fuzzy system for Cruise Control – longitudinal control of speed / distance of an autonomous vehicle (1990).
- Fuzzy Statistical Process Control (1996-1998).


INTELLITECH had been supported by BPIFRANCE-OSEO-ANVAR, the French Innovation Agency, by Conseil Régional de Picardie and by Conseil Général de l’Oise.

INTELLITECH received the 2005 Innovative Company Award from the Economic Press of Picardie, rewarding the high level of innovation of its automatic parking system xpark!®.

Its CEO-founder Prof. Zalila was given the 2006 Researcher Award as part of the “Men of the Year” trophies presented by Le Nouvel Économiste.

In 2008, INTELLITECH was the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Innovation in the European Automotive Safety Systems market for xpark!®.

INTELLITECH was successively recognized at the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 North France 2011 and 2012 Awards, rewarding the 50 independent technology companies with the highest growth rate in Haute-Normandie, Picardie and Nord-Pas de Calais regions. INTELLITECH was also the recipient of the “Coup de Coeur of the Jury” Award during the 2012 ceremony.

INTELLITECH was recognized at the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2011 and 2012 Awards, rewarding the 500 independent technology companies with the highest growth rate in the Europe/Middle-East/Africa region.