All the enhanced functions for ease and security
in managing your predictive modeling projects.



GENERATE automatically discovers predictive robust models from your multidimensional data sets.



PREDICT uses these models to deliver in real time the predicted output of your complex process.



OPTIMIZE uses these models to find exact optimal solutions satisfying your multi-objective request based on the studied variables.



MONITOR continuously assesses the performance of the deployed models and drives the update of outdated models.



Intuitive control by a click of the mouse

Advanced automation of functionalities. Control is exclusively by click of a mouse. Total user autonomy without the need for programming or special mathematics knowledge.

GPU High Performance Computing

Optimized algorithms for massive parallel computing using:

  • CPU central processors for problems with low or medium dimensionality,
  • GPU graphic processors for problems with high dimensionality or a high volume of learning points.

Security of data and results (private Saas use)

Hosted on HPC servers on client site: no external cloud, no risk.

Connection via TSE (remote desktop protocol)

Simplified access to the license for users on seperate sites. License sharing between the various computing station users.

Possibility of floating licenses

Simplified license access for users on seperate sites.

Optimization of time-allocation of the floating licenses between multiple users.

Flexible licenses to meet the needs

Possibility of temporary upgrades to deploy higher calculation power (more CPU or GPU processes, more instances).

Adjustment to environment / IT architecture

Possible deployment of models and integration in other IT architecture or industrial environments (API, Windows Client-Server via a web service).

Possibility for customized HMI development on demand, or additional required plug-in to access customer databases.